The Conversation



It all started when...

The Conversation’ is a 6 minute multi-media project that explores how the imagery of our everyday can become so familiar, our thoughts so enmeshed and attached to the inanimate spaces we occupy, that such spaces become infused with a distinct personality. Our thoughts breathe life into the lifeless, effecting an anthropomorphisation of London. The still images taken are of familiar, inanimate spaces on the London Underground which reflect the human involvement and endeavour of those who have created this space. A city can then feel so familiar as to become a friend with whom we share a secret, daily dialogue. London thus becomes person, grows weary, grows old, is re-born, re-invents, is ever-present. We are reflected in her iconography and his journey is our journey. The internal dialogue you hear is between a London commuter and this anthropomorphised ‘London’, The commuter feels the echoes of her past in the underground's physical canvas, though sees also the presence of the people from whom she distances herself today.   London acts as palimpsest, layers of past and present visible in her suburban landscape.